What is smart lighting?
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Controlling lights with your voice used to be something only a god could do, but these days we have smart lighting systems to make any of us feel all-powerful.

The biggest name is Philips with its Hue bulbs and we feature them in our store at OMG Selections.

What is smart lighting?
Basically, Smart lighting is lighting that you can control from an app on your mobile phone, usually being Apple or Android.

Smart lighting apps enable you to change the brightness of the bulbs, and if the bulbs have colored LEDs then you can change their colors also. That opens up a whole world of possibilities, which you could call light recipes: you might have one light recipe for watching movies, a different one for dinnertime, and one for reading. Switching from one recipe to another is as simple as tapping a smartphone or shouting at your favorite voice-activated personal assistant.

Smart lighting generally uses mesh networking, where each smart bulb wirelessly connects to its nearest smart lighting system neighbor. That network is controlled by a hub that plugs into your router, enabling your other connected devices – such as your phone or tablet – to communicate with your smart bulbs. Some systems also have an away from home mode that enables you to control the lights when you are far not at home, which comes in handy if you have just remembered you left the lights on or want to play a joke on your babysitter. Not all systems require a hub, though. some platforms just connect directly to your Wi-Fi.

You will often find that smart light systems can also be accessorized with additional items such as dimmer switches or motion detectors, and in some cases they can be linked to advanced triggers and use a service to create complex rules that trigger particular recipes for particular things. If you like a flash of color to notify you of an instant message, or a glow to gently break the news of today’s weather forecast? This and much more is possible without too much tinkering.

We hope this post helped you understand smart light systems better. If you need help with choosing and setting up a smart lighting system for your home contact us here one of our team members will help you out. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram and keep up to date with our latest news, discounts, and promotions!

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